New York Lovin’


Hello there!

About a month ago my husband and I visited family in Massachusetts for a wedding, and we took some extra time off to do some vacationing of our own while we were back east. However, New York was not in the plan. One of the things I love about my husband is his spontaneity. My husband is a planner, but hes also big on doing things on a whim and New York for us was on a whim. I woke up one morning with no plans for the day, and where we were staying was only a couple hours drive from New York, and my husband asked if I wanted to go see New York? I have never been to New York so within an hour we rented a car, packed an over night bag, and were headed for the city.


With that being said, we only had one day really to explore and one day in New York is not enough time for much of anything. Since I’d never been before I was just happy to be able to see New York.


We stayed at the Park Hyatt New York and it was beautiful! The staff were amazing and so helpful in letting us know about the area, and the location was perfect. Right behind our hotel was Central Park and we were walking distance to a lot of things we wanted to see. With only one day in New York we could only squeeze in a few things, and one of them was walking. We basically walked all over the area between our hotel and the Empire State building.


Of all the areas we walked my favorite had to be Central Park. I believe we only walked about a third of the park, which means we are due to go back for another visit, and it was amazing. The mixture between the giant sky scrapers and being in the middle of a massive park was such a beautiful contrast.




Throughout the park on a ton of the benches are quotes by people and I stumbled across this one and it has to be my favorite.






Another place we stopped was the Empire State Building, which gives an absolutely breath taking view of the city. Everything I’ve always heard about New York City before I was able to visit is true and then some. The city was so alive, and everything was absolutely inspiring. Just walking the city and looking at all the architecture and all the moving people had both an excitement and a calmness. I think it’s because you can be among a group of giant buildings and then you’re suddenly in a lush green park area. The city gave me both peaceful and energetic feelings as I explored as much as I could squeeze into one day.

I’m going to have to schedule an actual proper trip to take in so much I didn’t explore. Whats your favorite area of the city? Any suggestions?? Let me know!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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