Massachusetts Lovin’


Well hello there!!

I’ve realized I haven’t been here since September of last year. My goodness that is such a long time. A few major life changes happened since then causing such an absence. Since then I’ve changed jobs, moved house, and the time just seems to be flying and I’ve really missed sharing on here. So I’m throwing myself back in like I never skipped a beat.

Since last time I posted on here I’ve visited Massachusetts twice, among some other traveling my husband and I have been doing. Something my husband I both have a love for is traveling, whether it be far off places or a city away. Nothing opens a person’s eye’s up more than getting out of one’s familiar place and traveling the unknown, as incredibly cheesy as that sounds.

A few of the things we did while in Massachusetts included Battleship Cove, visiting the Lizzie Borden House, Boston, and of course the beach. Another stop also included Patriots place as I’ve married into a New England family, and they take their football very serious. So I’ve adopted the Patriot’s as my team as well, and I will say it is a lot of fun come football time, and any reason to eat a bunch a food is always something I’m down for. While I was there I tried to capture some photos to remember my visit, and I thought I’d share a couple here.



No way did I stay at this bed and breakfast, but they do offer tours and it was both interesting and a bit creepy to say the least.




I’m a huge history buff, and when the opportunity came to tour a battleship I was all about that. We literally got to walk the inside of a bunch a ships and tour them at our own pace with exhibits all along the way.



All I can say is, go Pats!




Well, that is a look at some of the things I got up to when I was out there. Another thing I got up to was shopping of course. I’m that person who brings a completely empty suit case on vacation because I know I’m going to fill it with a bunch of stuff, which I did.

Do you turn into a shopaholic when traveling? Let me know below!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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