Self Body Lovin’

Hello there!

Hope wherever this finds you that you’re having a great day. It’s finally fall! We all scream “YAYYYYYYYYY!!” For me, life seems so much better in the autumn/winter seasons. Everything smells good, life moves a bit slower, and everyone in general is a bit more cheery.


A throwback photo from a trip to Tahoe a few months back. Really wanting to go back to all the beautiful scenery.

As summer is ended though I’m left feeling a bit dissatisfied with myself. At the beginning of summer, around May, I got a membership to a gym and started changing up some eating habits and exercising. I tried to incorporate some more healthier options into my eating and remove some bad habits. As summer is ended I realize I had a good start, but somewhere along the way I really lost track and it all fell apart. Being a smaller person people probably assume I can eat whatever it is I want. I had a co-worker who used to call me “skinny minnie” which I laughed at, but also thought to myself, “if she only knew how unhealthy I eat.” Not that I eat incredibly bad or am on the verge of becoming ill, but I just don’t put that much thought into what I put into my body. Don’t get me wrong, I have some good habits, but I also have some really bad ones. Everything always catches up to you so I know I can’t keep eating the way I do and be healthy in the future.

Note, that I am no health expert, everything here is my own thoughts and experience.

For the sake of explaining my really bad habits, here is a list of some of the things that I over consume.

  • Chocolate. I’m addicted to the point where I have to have some every night. Everything in moderation? I know no moderation when chocolate is involved.
  • Soda. This is my real struggle. I’m addicted to soda. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, but I love coca-cola. I probably consume minimum three cans a day.
  • Fast food. Between work and all of the other moments in life its just so easy. When I lived in Santa Cruz we didn’t have drive thru’s, and once I moved back home I over killed it on the fast food.
  • Snacking. Half the time I’m not even hungry and I snack, usually on bad things.
  • I often eat right before I go to bed which is really not healthy.

On top of all of that I slacked off and missed a whole month at the gym. When I know I’m eating bad instead of trying to get back on track I usually just say “screw it I’m going to eat whatever I want.”

So that brings me to now. What’s changed? I think I’ve really just reached a point where I’m over my over indulging habits. We are only given one body and why should I not treat it well? So what am I doing to change?

  • I’ve cut soda out all together. However, if I’m out at a restaurant I am giving myself some leeway to have a soda here or there with my dinner. What I’m cutting out is soda in the house. My husband and I always have soda stocked in the house and if it’s there I will drink it. So the new rule we have is no soda in the house.
  • I’m ditching fast food all together. I do it simply out of laziness and I need to care more about what I eat. However, I will allow myself an In-N-Out Burger here and there because that’s something to yummy to cut out completely.
  • Snacking, I’m buying things that are healthier to snack on.
  • Overall I’m just going to do things in moderation. I like to over indulge, and I’m now moderating my intake of things. I want a cookie? Okay, one or two not the normal handful anymore.

Like I said, I only have one body and I’m just going to put forward a more conscious effort to take care of it. That doesn’t mean denying myself of something I want, but like I said, just doing everything in moderation.

Do you over indulge? Have a hard time sticking to a routine?? I know I do. If you have any tips or ideas I’d love to hear them! So comment down below!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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