2016/2017 Planner Lovin’

Happy Friday!

The weekend is here so it’s time to kick back and get planning! Planning? Yes, planning! Truth be told, I love lists. I don’t care what kind of list it is. Whether it be grocery shopping, household shopping, Christmas shopping, to-do lists for the day, basically just any kind of list makes me feel more put together. Lately I’ve been feeling a bit disorganized having to-do lists all over the place and not being able to keep track of everything in one place. The planner I was using was also pocket sized and I couldn’t fit my husband and my schedule into the same spot and it was driving me crazy. So what did I do?


Egg Press Blue Sky “Bold Flower” Weekly/Monthly Planner

I went to Target! I couldn’t find this on the Target website, but I found it on the Blue Sky website listed at $14.99. I bought it at Target however for $9.99. They had a million different print options in Target as well.

Reason’s I chose this planner:

  • Smaller in size
  • Cute print
  • Large space for filling in each day
  • Monthly/Weekly views and spaces

When I was looking through different options I knew I didn’t want a small planner, which I already had, but I didn’t want a large one that wouldn’t easily fit into my purse.


This planner comes with just enough space that will work perfectly for fitting both my schedule and my husband’s onto the same page. My husband isn’t a planner in the least bit so I like to go ahead and plan for him and keep both of us on top of life making sure we are getting done what we need to. Also I love planning for keeping track of the future. When vacations, holiday’s, birthdays, and other things are being planned ahead of time if I don’t have it written down to remember I can become a bit irritated to say the least. I’m very visual and I like to basically see my life written down on paper.

Are you a planner? Is Target your go to for everything? Does you spouse or significant other hate planning?? I’d love to hear about it, so comment down below!

Ashley Amelia šŸ™‚


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