Earrings Lovin’

Hello again!

Hope you are doing great. Can’t believe its already July! Where has this year gone? I don’t know, but I don’t mind because the holiday season is my favorite time of year and it just keeps getting closer.

Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite earrings. Most are studs because I’m a stud girl over a dangly earring girl. With that, I’m going to start with the dangly earrings since I’m sharing less of those.


This pair of earrings were actually gifted to me by my husbands cousin. She makes a ton of jewelry, and I got this pair last fall and they are the perfect earring for that time of year. The orange/brown coloring on these is so pretty, they’re super cute, and they’re really light. I hate to wear a dangly earring that yanks my earlobe down, and these weigh practically nothing which is a huge plus for me.


The ear jacket trend is a bit older now, but they’re still such a great unique style to me. I love this pair because there is a real simplicity about them. Also whats great about these is I can switch the pearl out with another stud and use the bottoms in multiple pairings. I picked these up at Kohl’s with a bunch of other earrings and I remember them being fairly cheap.


I picked this pair up also at Kohl’s from Lauren Conrad’s range. There were honestly so many cute options it was so hard to choose. I love these because they have an edginess to them without being too far out there.


All these stud’s were purchased from Claire’s, and were actually gifted to me by my husband. I got my second ear piercing many years back and I was tired of wearing cheap stud’s and wanted to get some that wouldn’t irritate my ear’s. So for Christmas my husband over the past few years has gifted me these.All come from their range of 14K white gold birthstone range.


14KT White Gold 3mm January Crystal Garnet earrings.

These are such a pretty pair a very dark red that I wear all the time, especially during winter. These were chosen because January is the birth month of my husband. So you can bet if you see me in January these will be in my ears.


14KT White Gold 3mm May Crystal Emerald

My birthday falls in May so my husband got me these for that reason. Even though it is my actual birthstone, I really do love this color so I was so happy to get my hands on these. I wear them all year round’ and I just love them.


14KT White Gold 3mm September Crystal Sapphire

These are a very special pair of earrings to me. When my husband was planning to propose he customized a ring to make it more personal to us and he added sapphire to my ring. So the Christmas after our wedding, which was in September 2015, he got me these. So whenever I wear them I’m brought back to that day and just reminded of that time in our lives. Blue also happens to also be my favorite color so I love them for that reason alone as well.


14KT White Gold 3mm April CZ

There isn’t any special reason I got these earrings other than the fact that I wanted a clear pair for when I didn’t feel like having a ton of color on my ear.


These are a bunch from H&M that was gifted to me again, this time by my sister in-law, and I love them because they have that marbled effect and come in a great mix of colors.


These are another pair I bought at Kohl’s, and I just liked them simplicity of them. You can never go wrong with simple. Or can you? I don’t know, but these are cute and I love them. I guess I must say, thank you Lauren Conrad for the multitudes of earrings in your Kohl’s range.


I picked up these earrings at a Topshop in LA, and once I seen them I knew I needed them. I’ve never seen such dainty and delicate stud’s like these. Granted, you really can’t tell by this photo, but compared to a normal pair of stud’s these are so tiny. They look so beautifully delicate on the ear.


& this is how I messily store my earrings. This looks messy, yes, but it works for me.

So basically I love the earrings sold at Claire’s, Kohl’s (specifically LC Lauren Conrad range), H&M, and a little bit of Topshop. When I can find a place that carries a style I like I tend to stick with it.

Do you prefer dangly earrings or stud’s? Do you have a place you prefer to shop at for earrings?? I’d love to know, so comment down below!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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