Lipstick Lovin’

Happy Friday!!

Today I thought I’d share something a bit different to what I normally share on here. I started this blog as a place just to share nothing in particular, but simply a bit of whatever I feel at the moment. I started with no direction in where I want to take anything or no common thread to weave through every post. This simply has been a great place to share things that I love, places I’ve been, and mark a few fun things in life.

On that note, what I really love about blogging is the photography aspect of it. Being that I majored in film & digital media in college I really love to play around with my camera. Figuring out different framing, lighting, and setup for a photo is a great way to express some creativity. With that however I feel like I really need a lot of practice still and there’s a level of quality in my photographs that I’m lacking and that I’m going to try to aim for a bit more.

On another note this post has nothing to do with that. I do beauty posts here and there and today is one of those unusual times where I mess around with photographing some of my favorite lip products. I never used to wear lipstick until a couple years ago, and even then, I still wear it on rare occasions but when I do I have a few select go to’s.


This first set of lip products are part of the Revlon Color burst Lip Balm Stain line. I love these because they’re so easy to apply, they wear very well, and they offer a ton of great color options.

Top: 005 Crush Beguin (Revlon), I bought this last winter and its a very pretty berry wine color.

Middle: 225 Sultry Sulfureuse (Revlon), A very gorgeous matte dark nudey pink color.

Bottom: 001 Honey Douce, This shade is my everyday go to shade. A gorgeous nude pink that looks very natural and goes with anything for me.


Everyone in the world loves these lip products and I am no exceptions. The formula and color pay off for these lipsticks is great, and the packaging is so cute! Not to mention, these are cheap cheap cheap! You can never go wrong with something cheap, cute, and good quality. Am I right?

Left: 107, A dark pink with a reddish tint. Such a great color for the holidays or for a night out.

Right: 104, A nude pink, because you can never have enough of those.


The NYX lip cream products are great because they’re very pigmented and also cheap. There are so many options and with the price point you can really create a big collection. These two are my favorite.

Left: SMLC09 Abu Dhabi, This is my favorite lip color in this line. It’s a super cute brown nude color and it doesn’t dramatically stand out, but is very subtle and cute. Really adds an slight edge to a look, without looking to edgy.

Right: SMLC10 Monte Carlo, Last Christmas I was looking for a nice red lipstick and I ran across this and it was perfect. It’s a very gorgeous dark red that is so easy to apply with good staying power, and also fades very nicely.


Left: 140 Mauved, Just like it sounds this color is a mauve pink with a little shimmer in it.

Right: Matte 006 Really Red, This is, as the name suggests, a really red lip color. I also bought this at Christmas time a year or so back, which seems to be a time when I purchase most lip colors, and its a simple gorgeous red.


CoverGirl Star Wars The Force Awakens 30, a very gorgeous electric red.


Chanel Rouge Allure 102 Palpitante, a very pretty bright pink. One need mention thing about this lip product is that it glides on so smooth, amazing formula.

I’m not the bravest of lipstick wearers so I tend to stick to these less dramatic colors. However, during the holidays I do like to be adventurous and wear some dramatic colors like a wine balm stain or play around with different reds. Diving into the world of lipsticks can be overwhelming as there are literally so many to try and it becomes quite addicting. I definitely recommend experimenting and finding out what colors work for you and what don’t. Also wear what you feel comfortable with but don’t fear stepping out into something that isn’t quite your style because that’s the whole point of makeup right, to have fun.

Do you have a favorite brand of lip products? Do you fear certain lip colors?? I’d love to hear about it, so let me know!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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