A Few of my Favorite Things

Hello there!

Thought today I’d share a few things that I’m currently loving. Whenever I find/get something new I’m usually obsessed with it for a time till the next thing comes along. With the season changing to summer I’m picking up a lot of new things and it’s all been a bit overwhelming trying to shop and there being so many new options out in the shops.


Quite a mix of items at the moment. Do you ever feel like there’s a never ending cycle of things you want to test out? I suffer from that tremendously! I’m constantly trying to make a pact with myself that my current buy will be the last thing, and of course I always fall short and and need that one other thing. How do people stop themselves from shopping? I’d really love to know. Not that it’s terrible to shop but there are so many lovely things to buy how do you know when to stop? Let me know, cause a girl can use the help in curbing her spending habits.

That was quite a tangent, onto the fun of things I’m loving right now.


The shoes on the left I’ve already worn numerous times and they’ve quickly become a summer staple for me. They are a Target buy at a nice $19.99. I went for the sandy beige color, because I don’t own any shoes this color and I thought they’d be a great neutral sandal for summer dresses. Word to the wise, they have this sandal in multiple colors, specifically a cobalt blue that I want, but I resisted the urge to purchase.

Shoes to the right are in a style that everyone has now seen every where. I first got a pair like this from Topshop at Nordstrom, seen here, and I love them. Once I came across these brown ones at Target I had to have them. Brown is one of my favorite colors and these shoes are going to go with everything.IMG_3049.JPGIMG_3045.JPG

Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a perfume I’ve shared before, here, and originally I had the pen spray and a few months back I invested in the larger bottle. I love everything about this scent. The bottle itself is a piece of art that looks lovely displayed out on a dresser, and the scent is an amazing fresh floral that is so feminine. Is anyone else amazed at the power a scent has to make a person feel a certain way? It can give confidence and a certain happiness all within it’s smell. I think that’s simply amazing.

Recently I’ve been wanting to try and get better sleep, specifically more relaxed sleep. I had heard from a co-worker that lavender oil is great for spraying on your pillow or putting behind your ears before you go to sleep, so I decided to pick some up. In reality I didn’t pick it up, but rather had amazon deliver it. Amazon prime is both amazing for making quick purchases, but also dangerous for those quick and specifically impulsive purchases. My verdict on the effects of using this is that I think it really does work. I spray some underneath my pillow and it really helps. I’d recommend it if you’re having difficult sleeping or getting relaxed for sleep.


This is the amazonian clay 12 hour blush in sweet by Tarte. It’s a mini that I got with a mini lip product as well. The blush is a gorgeous color for summer, and such an amazing soft shade of pink. The size of this product is also great for travel, and I know I’m going to get so much wear out of it this summer.


Recently I got my hair both cut and colored as it was very long overdue. I’m not a girl who really “does” her hair, although I’m trying to put in more effort now that I cut off 8 inches it is more manageable. When my hairstylist was blow drying my hair she used one of those crazy looking giant brushes which I’ve never used and it dried my hair so beautifully. So naturally I jumped on amazon and purchased one. I’ve been using this brush for a few weeks now and it is life changing. It drys my hair so beautifully and quick I don’t know how I got on without it before.

Summer means sun, which means sunglasses. Forgive the camera in the lens, but I purchased these last summer and I’m still loving them every bit as much this summer. For years I’d buy 10 dollar glasses at Target and I was always losing them or breaking them and I decided why not buy a nicer pair that I’d know I’d take care of, would look better on my face, and ultimately be better quality. Now these are the only sunnies I own, besides a few cheap ones that I would use to wear in the pool so if they break or get lost it isn’t a big deal. Long story short, I love these sunglasses. (Ray-ban Erika’s)


My husband and I have started a collection of the Starbucks You Are Here Collection mugs. Firstly because they are cool, and secondly they’re a souvenir that is practical. We can drink from the mugs and be reminded of all the places we’ve been together. Recently we took a trip to Lake Tahoe, blogged here, and of coursed we picked up a memory mug.

My birthday was in May and my aunt gave me this devotional as a gift. I think devotionals are great, because they are a way to start your day off positively motivated and to stay strong in your faith. For example, yesterday’s message was to treat your neighbor as you wish to be treated. Such a simple message that everyone knows, but at times can be difficult to follow. Everyone can use a reminder of these things and this is a great way to get short and sweet messages daily.

This was quite the mix of things here. What are you currently loving right now? Any favorite things you are loving at the moment?? Let me know!

Ashley Amelia πŸ™‚


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