Favorite Summer Nail Polish

Hello there!

Truth be told I’m addicted to painting my nails. By painting my nails I literally mean I love painting them myself, except pedicures. I’m constantly changing the color on my hands so I find it a waste to get them done when I want to change the color so often, and I’m also just cheap. I rather pay 10 bucks and get a whole bottle of polish that I can use over and over than go to the nail salon. However, I do like to treat myself every so often and get a pedicure. I find pedicures to be so relaxing and also healthy as the feet often are more beat up than the hands during summer as we are all running around in sandals. Gotta keep them feet healthy!

Lets dive in to my favorite colors to wear during the summer time!


The majority of the nail polish I tend to purchase is from Essie. I just find that their brand is such a good formula, the color goes on as it looks in the bottle, and I really like the brush. I also every once in a while will make a purchase from the Revlon nail polish options. I find that Revlon also has a decent formula, good color payoff, and the brush is also great.


Left: Find me an Oasis, this is a great icy blue color perfect for summer.

Right:Bikini so Teeny, a classic summer blue. I’m sure everyone knows this polish, and whenever I wear it I’m always complimented on my nails so that says a lot about it’s popularity I’d say.


Left: Peach Side Babe, such a gorgeous peachy pink that really stands out. This color makes me think of the beach, summer BBQ’s, and chilling by the pool. It’s such a fun color and sure to stand out.

Right: Taj-ma-haul, I honestly haven’t worn this yet because I’m pretty sure it’s part of one of the new ranges. I just purchased it a week ago, and I can’t wait to wear it. It’s a gorgeous neutral orange color that I’m sure is going to become a staple summer color for me. Truthfully I’ll probably even be able to wear it into fall as well.


Left: Teak Rose, a beautiful classy neutral pink. I love this color for all year round, but specifically during the summer it really stands out for me. It looks great on both the hands and feet and it’s really just a classy color for summer.

Right: Muchi Muchi, is a new color for me. I’m really not a pink nail polish girl, especially a very standout pink like this. I bought this on request of my husband, because he said I never wear pink, and in the end turns out I really love this color. It’s so not me but I think that’s why I like it. Sometimes we have to go a bit outside of our comfort zone to realize we might like something a bit different, not just in nail polish but also in life lol. This color is great for summer, because it is so bright and also stands out.


Left: Adore-a-ball, is a very gorgeous white pink. It’s such a sheer color that it calls for a few coats, and looks so natural. A great color for when you want that natural mani that still stands out enough to add that extra oomph to a look.

Right: Blanc, which is a classic Essie color. It’s basically a very harsh white that looks great during summer.


Left: Turquoise & Caicos, a very lovely minty green blue (if you can describe a color that way). This is one color that I try to wear as much as possible during summer, because that’s the time that this color really looks best.

Right: Gel setter, which isn’t a color but rather the best top coat in the whole world! I tried a few others and literally nothing compares to this product in the slightest.


Now I thought I’d re-list a little more clear the reasons Essie is great.

  • The brush, which is small so it’s difficult to mess up and get polish all around the edges.
  • The colors are true to how they appear in the bottle.
  • The lasting power on the nail beats any other I’ve tried.
  • & the gel setter is simply magic in a bottle for keeping your nails looking salon quality and giving even more lasting power.

Do you have favorite nail colors for summer? A favorite brand of nail polish you swear by?? Let me know!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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