Round Three: Blue Apron

Hello there!

Happy Saturday! One of the most chillest days of the week in my book. I usually love to spend my Saturday’s either out in the world or at home all day being a lazy bones indulging in movies and food. Truth be told I’m a real home body, and that being said Blue Apron was a perfect service for me to try out. Sometimes grocery shopping and trying to think of meal ideas days in advance can be a bit frustrating as I’m a very indecisive person. So when my husband and I decided to try Blue Apron I didn’t know exactly what to expect. Yesterday we made our third meal out of the three that came with the order we made, and overall it was a great experience.

Yesterday’s final meal we made was General Tso’s Chicken with Snow Peas and Jasmine Rice. Out of the three meal’s we had sent to us this was the only one I was a bit unsure of because I’m not huge on rice. However, just like the first two meals it was so delicious!


Just like all the other meals, everything is put into these small labeled portioned containers making the recipe so simple to throw together. One thing I hate when cooking is having to portion, call me lazy, but it takes so much time and I portion as I cook usually which probably is the wrong way to prep.


We cut up the green onion and prepped the snow peas by ripping the stem ends. Also chopped up some garlic which isn’t pictured here.


We threw the green onion and garlic into a pan to fry.


We mixed in the ketchup, soy glaze, sesame oil, and the sambal oelek. We only added a pinch of the sambal oelek because it seemed a bit spicy and the recipe called for you to only add as much as you’d like.


Then we prepped the chicken.


We added the cornstarch to the chicken, which we’d never cooked with before, and then added the sauce we had made to the chicken. The cornstarch I believe made a breading like outer shell on the chicken. The chicken came out so good as well.


Grilled up some snow peas.


Made the rice.


& Dinner was done! Here is a photo of what it’s supposed to look like next to our final product.


I’d say we did a decent job, no?

I thought I’d list a few pros and cons of my overall experience with this service to sum it all up here.


  • No grocery shopping.
  • Little to no prepping required.
  • Meals done in 30 minutes or less.
  • Actually delicious!
  • You get to try meals you wouldn’t necessarily normally cook. (very true for my experience)
  • No food waste thanks to exact portion sizes for the amount of people you are feeding. (2 in my case)
  • Recipe’s are very easy to follow, and all the meals are fairly simple.


  • The packaging of the meat can leak if not stored carefully.
  • No leftovers if you are someone who likes to have leftovers. (which I do not)

Finally I’d say try Blue Apron if any of the pros apply to you. If only for the experience itself, I’d recommend for you to try this because it really is such a great service.

Have you ever tried this service? If so, what did you think of it? Any other services similar to this you think are good? I’d love to hear from you, so let me know!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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