Round Two: Blue Apron

Hello there!

Hope you are doing great on a Wednesday ready to forge through the second half of the week in great spirits. Today my husband and I tried our second Blue Apron and it was so delicious! However, there was one hiccup in that the meat had leaked all in our fridge. The meats they send come vacuum sealed, and we didn’t have a problem with the salmon leaking in the fridge, but today we opened the fridge to find it wasn’t sealed so great. That would probably be the one downside we’ve found. That can be easily fixed however by maybe storing it in the fridge a bit more carefully next time.

So let’s get to the food!IMG_2749.JPG

I cooked in a pan a chopped up carrot with collard greens that were seasoned with salt and pepper, molasses, and some apple cider vinegar. This took all of five minutes to do.


While that was cooking I had the pork that I had seared in the pan baking in the oven for 20 minutes. Then it came out, was cut, and looked amazing!


I cooked one potato and mashed it so I could plate that first. Atop the mashed potato went the carrot’s and collard greens.


Then I plated the cut pork.


Drizzled the left over sauce that was made to cook the collard greens and carrot’s on top of the pork.


& Voila! Dinner was made within thirty minutes following the easy recipe Blue Apron supplied.

Honestly, I was a bit worried because I’m not a huge potato person and I’d never had collard greens before. However, it was so delicious! This is a meal I would probably make again, which makes me so happy I got the recipe now. The portion sizes is what I love so much about this service because I don’t feel wasteful at all because it’s a small enough amount that I don’t end up with left overs but is enough to fill me up.

After doing this a second time I would definitely recommend this service.

Do you find portioning meals difficult? I hate when I have left overs, do you?? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so let me know!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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