First Time: Blue Apron

Hello there,

Hope wherever this finds you that you are doing well. Today I had a relatively rough day where everything seemed to just being going wrong. Then as things end up coming together as the night time seems to settle in I am reminded that time isn’t frozen and nothing lasts forever. Although things might be going wrong in the moment it is best to choose happiness and the positive outlook over anger and stress. My little mantra I have been using is to “just breathe”. I literally will stop in the middle of my tracks wherever I am and take a few deep breaths. I found that this actually really works to calm the nerves and take a moment to think rather than impulsively react.

Having such a terrible beginning to the day was fixed however by having a visit with an adorable new born and then a home cooked meal by my husband. Recently my husband and I decided to give Blue Apron a try. The reasoning behind that being that we find it so difficult to portion for just the two of us. Also it gets tiresome when you run out of ideas for what to have for dinner and trying to make the healthy options. So we tried it out!IMG_2623.JPGIMG_2677.JPG

We chose the option for two people, which comes with three meals for the week. You can specify preferences to dietary restrictions you have or live by, and you can choose specific meals for that week which stand out to you. Or you can let it randomly choose for you and be surprised when your package arrives.


Each meal comes with a sheet with step by step directions how to prepare the meal. and they give you the exact amount of every food item you’ll need for the recipe down to the spices. Which for someone who isn’t a cook, like me, is amazing. They basically make it near impossible to mess it up.

IMG_2631.JPGThe meal my husband made tonight was a salmon salad. It was delicious! The meat comes packed in with frozen ice packs and when the package arrived the meat was frozen and everything else reasonably cold. IMG_2627.JPGIMG_2650.JPG

Peas, potato, and radish was mixed in with the arugula salad. Simply shell, cut, and boil were the only steps in prepping these ingredients.IMG_2664IMG_2670.JPG

Rub spices on the salmon.IMG_2672.JPGGrill it on the stove for a few minutes. IMG_2694.JPG

Then simply mix the arugula with the apple cider vinegar provided, the veggies you prepped, and top it off with the salmon and some lemon.

Can you say delicious?!

Overall I’d say it was a great experience that didn’t take my husband long to put together. I stood by to help out if help was needed, and to snap some of these shots, and it really seemed simple enough that I could put it together. As someone who despises cooking, that is saying a lot. We have two more meals for this week and I can’t wait to try them out.

Have you ever tried Blue Apron? What did you think of it?? & do you hate cooking like I do?? Any cooking tips for two person meal planning? I’d love to hear about it so let me know!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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