Starry Night Lovin’

IMG_2553.JPGHello there! I am back!!

It’s been a very long time since I last blogged as life has just taken over and I haven’t had time or felt inspired to put anything together. Here we are nearly four months since my last post, almost half a year (yikes!), and I’m finishing up a post that has been in the works and fallen off my to-do list.

A while ago while I was doing a Target run I picked up the nail polish (shown above) and it made me want to put this post together. The polish is part of  what I believe Essie had released as a throwback series of classic colors. This one is called ‘Starry Starry Night’ and I had seen it  on Instagram and when I seen it in Target I swiped it up immediately grinning from ear to ear.

Truth be told I LOVE Starry Night. I have multiple prints and almost anything Starry Night themed gets my immediate attention. Not pictured above is an amazing Starry Night umbrella that I have which is currently in my car because we have been getting so much rain that I’ve actually been able to put it to good use.

IMG_2559.JPGNow this gorgeous polish is the one I spoke of, and although not too useful for this time of year, it is one I can’t wait to break out towards the end of the year. Although I will admit that I do tend to generally still wear winter-y nail polishes all year round so it isn’t completely abandoned and I might get the urge to slap it on in the middle of summer. Who knows! IMG_2565.JPGIMG_2576.JPGThis small jewelry box was a gift and its absolutely gorgeous! Its quite small so I find it useful for earrings, rings, and other small pieces. It looks lovely as a piece set out on my dresser, and because it’s size I like to use it to store things that get used most often so they are easily accessible. IMG_2580.JPG

This bag was also a gift years ago, and it’s great I find for carrying around cosmetics and toiletries when traveling because I can zip them up in here and know it won’t bust all over everything. Not too sure if that’s what the bag was meant for, but that’s what I like to use it for. IMG_2606.JPG

Pardon my knobby knees here, but can I just say that these socks are amazing! I’m not a huge sock wearer myself, but when they are this amazing I invest. During winter especially I’m all about the long socks, and when summer roles around I still sometimes like to break out some long socks to sleep in.

I hope you found this post interesting although it isn’t quite relevant as much of it is winter-y, but I still thought I’d go ahead and finish this post as a nudge to get me back into the blogging spirit as I’ve really missed it. Blogging seems to be such a great way to share parts of myself and document moments that I want to reminisce on later remembering how they made me feel. Although I’m being an insomniac right now and posting this at 1 am my time I hope this inspiration sticks with me!

Do you have a favorite piece of artwork? Do you wear long socks in the summer?? Let me know!!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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