A Very Sentimental 2015

IMG_2532.JPGHello there.

I’ve never been a person who cared to do a lot to celebrate New Years or make any resolutions. I’ve grown up ringing in the New Year by watching the ball drop, drinking cider, and hanging out with family. That is the way I’ve always liked to spend my New Years celebrations. 2015 has brought so many changes for me that I’ve decided to rethink the whole idea of ringing in the New Year for myself.

Many things happened in my life this year that have made big changes shifting the direction of my life. The first being graduating college, meaning it’s time to find a career path (both scary and exciting), and secondly and most importantly I got married! This year I married my best friend and I look back on that day as being the best day of my life. Being married I love the idea that we are now our own little family navigating this world together. I’ve never been a very sentimental person, but over the past year I’ve fully delved into the realm of sentimentality and really treasure all the small precious moments life gives us. I think part of this comes from my mother in-law who I really look up to as an example of someone who appreciates life, people, and all the little moments that allow you to express love.

So, I’ve started looking into different ways to create family traditions and show that extra bit of appreciation to people because it really does make a difference. In 2015 my husband and I started a couple traditions, so far only holiday traditions as a family. Here’s a list of a few we plan to continue in years to come.

  1. Each year get an ornament to commemorate, or remember a great event in both our lives. (A family friend mentioned this to me and we ended up of course getting a thousand 1st Christmas ornaments ha).
  2. We decided we’d buy a plush animal marked with the year each Christmas.
  3. We will write down resolutions together and keep each other to them. (the best we can at least ha)
  4. & finally I love the idea of writing an end of the year letter to each other.

The last idea about writing a letter to each other is what has inspired this post to begin with and it is a great way to both look back at the year and to the future. Imagining years and years from now being able to go back and read letters to each other is so exciting and such a simple gesture of love to share with a spouse.

Are you sentimental? Do you have any family traditions? Any New Years traditions? Let me know, I’d love to hear them!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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