Random Buys

Hello again!

It’s now been quite a while since I’ve blogged. I got caught up between work, visiting home, and getting my apartment ready for the holidays. This year my husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving for his family so I’ve spent the past few days gearing up for that making last minute buys. I must say I love being the host. I plan on making a whole post after Thanksgiving to show off some decor and tips on hosting a dinner in a small space. My apartment is about 500sq ft, so it is a challenge to make it comfy for a group of people. A challenge I am glad to accept.

That is all a bit off topic however. I have been doing some shopping, to be honest, a lot of shopping lately so I have so many post ideas ready to be created. Today’s however is a random mesh of new things. These are a few new things that I’ve fallen in love with that I thought I’d share. IMG_2200.JPG

I didn’t think any of this would necessarily fit into the more thematic posts I’m planning on, but I still wanted to include them to share with you.IMG_2201.JPG

I stepped into Target to get some Thanksgiving stuff, and I found this gravy holder thing. Granted it’s not as fancy as some I seen like one in World Market, but I love it! It’s plain so I can use it all year round for any dinner occasion, it won’t clash with any decor, and it serves it’s purpose for only 6 bucks! The butter dish is another thing I didn’t have that I thought would be great for setting next to the dinner roles, and in general storing butter. It was only 3 bucks, and it’s gonna look nice and serves it’s purpose simply. IMG_2202.JPG

This purchase is one both my husband and I were both excited for. This game is just plain fun! I got my own controller so we could play two player, and I made sure it was blue because that’s my favorite color. My husband is not as pleased with the game as he anticipated, but I still enjoy it. For me video games are a great way to unwind and relax, and I’m pleased with this one! IMG_2205.JPG

I’m a candle fiend. This one I found at Ross for 6 bucks! So cheap. It smell’s divine, and it’s a wooden wick candle. I thought this was a major score. I never think to look at Ross for candles but now I’m a convert to purchasing from their candle section specifically. IMG_2206.JPG

This candle I found at Target and I believe it was around 10 bucks? I honestly don’t remember exactly. I bought it on a trip with my husband and he loved the way this one smelt so I had to get it. Whenever I find a candle we both love its a great day for candles, not so great for the wallet always though. IMG_2208.JPG

Lastly is these gorgeous glitter Essie polishes. Just look at them! Normally I would say I am not a glitter polish girl at all, but I’ve changed. I love layering these with dark winter colors. I plan on rocking these throughout the Holiday’s and I’ve already gotten compliments when I’ve worn them. These were just made for this time of year. Essie has more amazing glitter color options, but for me I just went with these two cause they’ll look great with everything. (These were both purchased at Target).

So clearly this is a random mix of buys, but I just couldn’t not share this stuff. I’m looking forward to sharing my upcoming posts with you all and getting back into the swing of regularly blogging.

Let me know if you have any great Thanksgiving decor ideas! Are you into glitter polish? Do you play video games to unwind?? Any random thoughts you want to share?? Let me know!!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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