Leon Bridges concert in SF

It’s a happy hello to you all today on this rainy Sunday afternoon. I hope you are doing well, and geared up for the holiday’s as it creeps up on us all. Normally I work on the weekends and I took this weekend off to go to a concert and spend some family time in my hometown.

Yesterday my husband and I took a trip up to San Francisco, about an hour away from where we live, for a concert at the Fillmore to see Leon Bridges. My sister in-law happens to live there so we got to spend the afternoon hanging out with her, which is always nice to spend some time with family. She also went to the concert and introduced us to a couple of her friends who were going to the concert as well, and they treated us to some champagne and cookies. Who doesn’t love free drinks and food right? We all headed out to the concert and made it in time for the meet and greet!

Me, Leon Bridges, & my husband
Me, Leon Bridges, & my husband

My husband and I were married this past September and Leon Bridges’ song Coming Home was our first dance song, so to hear it live was amazing!

We seen him at the Fillmore which I believe is an old venue that’s been there ages. This was my first time there and the venue was so cool. It was decked out in these gorgeous chandeliers and had posters from all the people that have performed there covering all the walls. The place is known for a couple of things they do. Firstly they give out free apples, and why? I don’t know, but if anyone knows feel free to let me know down below. They also give out free posters at the end of every show which hands down is one of the coolest things ever in my opinion.

Leon1We got there early so we staked out our spot at the very front leaning against the gate and we were able to enjoy the show from the front and it was so much fun! If you ever have listened to his music you know it is so much fun to dance to. So basically we danced the evening away to Leon Bridges performing live, and it was a great way to spend a Saturday night.

Here’s a few shot’s from the concert. I didn’t get much because I was having too much fun to think to pull out a camera and take photos. So these photos were taken by my husband and sister in-law.


Are you a Leon Bridges fan? Let me know below! & if not, go check out his music now! I promise you will love it, and if not then I have no words ha. Let’s also hope this rain continues in California as we need it badly. Have a great one!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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