October Beauty Favorites 2015

Hello there,

I can’t believe tomorrow is Halloween the last day of October, where has this month gone?! I must say I”m quite glad though because Thanksgiving and Christmas especially are my favorite holidays and they’re getting so much closer! I thought today I would share the beauty products that I’ve been using this month on a regular basis. I used to not be someone into wearing make-up, in fact up until a year ago or so all I ever wore on a regular basis was mascara and eyeliner sometimes.This past year however I’ve really gotten into experimenting with make-up and trying out new things. My husband calls it “painting my face” ha. I think it’s just great how creative you can be with different products and learning what works for you and what doesn’t. In order to not babble on and on lets just jump into it then!IMG_2126This is a round up of all the products that I’ve regularly put to use this month. IMG_2145For my eye’s I’ve really been loving these eye shadows.

  • The Naked Basics – This I use all the time because it’s basic, like it says ha. Its so easy to use and I like to pair it with other shadows like my Maybelline Color Tattoo shadows.
  • Lorac Champagne Dreams Eye Shadows (from Ulta) – This I got at Ulta during one of their specials so I don’t think this is something sold normally, but I love it! The colors are gorgeous and really natural with a bit of drama.
  • Real Techniques Brushes – Being fairly new to doing my eye makeup I went on a look out for brushes and these were the best I could find for price and quality. They really help get the pigment onto the eyes and are really easy to work with.
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo – I love using these cream shadows because they’re so easy to work with, don’t crease, are a great base for building up a look, and look great on their own.
25 Bad to the Bronze, 55 Inked in Pink
25 Bad to the Bronze, 55 Inked in Pink


  • Anastasia Brow Wiz – I used to buy my eyebrow pencils at Target, but they were always so waxy and came out orange colored on my blonde eyebrows so I switched to this and Its great! No waxy appearance and no more orange brows!
  • Real Techniques Angled Brush – For the longest time I was using elf eye shadow brushes (which are $1), and they were working fine but I wanted to try something new. No way was I willing to spend almost thirty bucks on a brush so I found these which are so affordable and are great quality. (I speak for this brush and the brushes shown above)
  • Benefit Brow Zings – I delved into Benefit products because they always rave about their eyebrow products and I started out with the gimme brow. Then I got the Brow Zings and now my eyebrows are a combination of the Brow Wiz for outlining, Brow Zings for filling in, and then I top it off with the gimme brow. I’m a convert to their brow products for sure. I also go to my local Macy’s Benefit Brow bar to get my eyebrows done and I’m obsessed! I’ve converted from being an eyebrow threading fiend.IMG_2162I’m a huge fan of Dove deodorants because I find they just work really well and don’t irritate my skin. With a lot of deodorants I find that the scents can be irritating and Doves unscented for sensitive skin is my favorite for not irritating or having any kind of funky smell. I delved into the spray for summer and I love it! I’m still using it and this bottle is actually almost out which reminds me I need to get another! It’s a great product for controlling the amount you use as well.

IMG_2164Originally I used a Rimmel foundation, then I tried the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation (which I love!), and then I moved on to try out the Nars Sheer Glow since it gets so many rave reviews. My review, I love it! It feels and looks like you aren’t even wearing any foundation, and the color match and pay off is great. It’s build-able without feeling like there’s a ton of product on your face.   My color is Light1 Siberia, and I will definitely be repurchasing whenever this runs out. IMG_2165My Newest Essie purchase is, Berry Naughty. Its a gorgeous berry color and I bought with it a glitter polish and I think it’s gonna look great together during the holiday season. IMG_2171This NYX lip cream is in the color Abu Dhabi, and I’ve been loving this to death! First of all it was around $5 in Ulta which is crazy cheap. You get such great color pay off, it’s matte and isn’t drying on the lips, and it has great staying power. I love this because it’s a really great brown nude color if you want to go for the 90s lip vibe and for the price I just can’t get over how much I love this lip product. IMG_2173Lastly, I think it’s really important to have some “me time” and spend time relaxing and one of my favorite ways to do that is to do a face mask. I really love the selection at Target and this range of facials are amazing. They’re very inexpensive, only a couple dollars, and they always make my face/skin so much better. I’ve yet to ever have a bad reaction to any of these and I have relatively sensitive skin. So try one of these out. Each has about two facials in it so it’s great to do with a friend as well.

Do you have a favorite beauty product you used during the month of October? Or a favorite you always use?? Let me know!!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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