Foggy Fall Nights & Tomato Soup

Hello again,

Yesterday was a proper foggy cold day on the coast, which was great since it has felt like there has been a constant heat wave for weeks. My husband and I both happened to have the day off, which is rare these days to have the same day off, so we took advantage of the weather to squeeze in some fall activities that included shopping for fall decorations, thanksgiving shopping, and having some warm soup for dinner.

IMG_2029This is a soup my husband has grown up eating and is very simple, yet it is so delicious! Especially on a cold day like yesterday. I’m not someone to cook, and I definitely don’t like complicated things but this is so simple and quick to make that it works for me.

So I thought I’d share with you how to put this together and hopefully you can enjoy it on a cold day as well. IMG_1972Its basically tomato juice, beans, and beef. The beef of course is optional if you’re not a meat eater. My favorite part about the soup is in fact simply the tomato juice and beans.IMG_1993

First I cook the hamburg, and salt and pepper it of course.



Then I add a can of beans, and of course you can use uncanned if you aren’t down with canned beans. Just throw them into a large pot to start out the soup. IMG_2008Then you want to fill up the pot with V8, and we used three cans that were the medium size I believe. This is really up to you how much juice you want in your soup. IMG_2012Then add in your beef if you choose to use meat. IMG_2018& voila! You now have some yummy soup for a cold fall evening in. IMG_2022We also like to have some sliced french bread, although yesterday we used sourdough because I’m a sourdough fiend and I convinced him to get it, and just dip it in and eat!

Do you have a meal you love to eat on cold nights? Are you a tomato soup lover as well?? Let me know!!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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