New Target Buys

Hello again!

So I can’t deny that I love Target and I love my Red Card. The store has everything! Food, make-up, house supplies, clothes, an entertainment section, and of course house decor among so much more. I must admit that while I do LOVE Target it can also be my downfall. I always tell myself I need one thing only. For example I needed to go pick up some cotton balls today, and I spent 100+ bucks, and I used my Red Card so I saved 5%. I’ve recently come to except that there is no such thing as going to Target “quickly” for “one thing”. There is only “I’m going to Target to buy a bunch of stuff I didn’t know I needed”, and usually forget to buy the one thing I actually needed. Which leads to another trip and more spending.

While this can be rough on the bank account it also makes me very happy to shop and find new things in Target. So I thought I’d share a few favorite buys I got on this trip that I’m currently obsessed with and you just might need to get your hands on if you haven’t already.

IMG_1938This gel setter Essie polish isn’t new that I know of, but its new to me and has changed my nail polish obsession for sure! I’m a huge Essie fan but I never bother to mess with base coats or anything like that, I don’t know if that’s bad or not? But! I seen this and thought that I used to love getting gel manicures when I used to go to the salon but I hated taking it off because it took so much work and destroyed my nails. This polish basically gives the same effect with a lot less trouble, but your manicure won’t last the 2-3 weeks a gel manicure does of course. This product is basically a glorified top coat. You just put it over your polish and it makes it look like you really have a gel manicure, and it stretches the life of my polish out as it looks good for at least a solid week and chips way less. IMG_1900IMG_1905This is cool because I found it in the $1/$3 section and they had a million options! I went with the snow berries option, and now I have to go back and buy a bunch of the other scents. I’ve never used any reed diffusers, because I’m more of a candle person, but I’m obsessed. It really gives great scent pay off, it’s cute, and there’s no fire involved. All the scents they had at Target were holiday related so I don’t think they’ll be there too long because nothing every lasts in that section of the store so I’m going to be rushing there to get more.  IMG_1940IMG_1954This coloring book is amazing! As a kid I loved to color and even as an adult I really enjoy coloring. It’s just a really relaxing thing you can do practically anywhere to pass time and have a little fun. This coloring book however is next level compared to anything I’ve ever had before. The detail and intricacy of all the pages is insane. & I live right next to the ocean so I’m really into beachy themed things, so I think this will be a great coffee table book as well. I just got it so I’ve yet to give it a go, but after this post I’m gonna dive into it. Also this was only like 10 bucks I believe. it had one of those % off stickers on it. IMG_1909For around the $10 bucks I think is what I paid it is a great deal. It would make an awesome gift at Christmas time or just any type of gifting really. They also had a ton of different options, they weren’t all ocean themed, I just can’t remember what the other options were. IMG_1965I am quite pleased with all this stuff I didn’t know I needed, hank you Target!

Are you also unable to resist the greatness that is Target? Let me know!!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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