New Bag

Hello again!

When it comes to purses I really am a girl who uses one purse at a time. Unless the purse really doesn’t go with what I’m wearing I’ll switch over to another, or if I’m going to a concert I’ll switch to a small purse. Normally however I really like to carry a medium sized bag because it allows me to fit a lot into it when I’m out and about.

I’ve been on the hunt for a black bag ever since my Volcom bag from Tilly’s that I had for over five years was officially unusable. I searched for months and finally I found this bag. IMG_1802It is the perfect medium size, has a few pockets inside, closes well so everything inside is safe, and it has buckles for a cross body strap. The cross body strap the bag actually came with I had to remove and I bought a new one from Amazon. The one it came with for some reason wasn’t adjustable, which I didn’t realize in store, so I found this very nice strong one on amazon for about 6 bucks I believe. It looks like it was made for this bag as well which is great! IMG_1825I like that this bag also has a bit of a business look to it, but also works casually. I loved the maroon straps as well because it’s a great color for fall/winter. IMG_1831IMG_1847My favorite thing about this bag besides how I think it looks for an everyday bag is the price. It was around 50 bucks and for what it is I think that’s a great price. Since I’ve had it I’ve used this bag everyday and I absolutely love it for this time of year.

Do you have a new favorite bag? Or an old favorite bag you are using till its unusable?? Let me know!

Ashley Amelia šŸ™‚


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