Thoughts & An Easy Snack

Hello there,

I’m currently rolled up on my couch in my favorite Disneyland sweater, wearing comfy knitted Christmas socks, and watching You’ve Got Mail. I’m really getting into the holiday season, and Halloween is about a week away so I’m beyond excited for all the holiday celebrations coming up.

Now to go off that topic and onto a completely different one!

If the truth be told I am a big snacker. Rather than eat a couple of meals throughout the day I sort of just munch all day. I’m one of those people who never finishes their dinner in one sitting cause I get full easily, and then an hour or two later I’m hungry. Lately one of my favorite things to eat, especially for breakfast and at night because its light, is yogurt with fruit and granola. IMG_1781I don’t normally like yogurt but with the combination of fruit and a lot of granola its absolutely delicious! The granola I used here isn’t actually my favorite to use, but is the last bag left in my house right now. IMG_1779I got a new dish set from our registry from our wedding and the bowls it came with are great for salads and little snack bowls because they’re shallow and wide so everything mixes really well. I don’t use too much yogurt, as you see here, and I use just plain yogurt. IMG_1784Then I just clean and chop up some fruit, I prefer strawberries and my husband prefers bananas, and you can use whatever you want obviously. This is simply what I prefer. IMG_1785Add your favorite granola! This however isn’t my favorite, but I gotta work with what I got and use it up. Lately I’m trying my  best not to be wasteful so although I’m not a fan of this granola I’m gonna use it anyways.(That is a mantra I’ve been repeating to myself “don’t waste, don’t waste”. It helps ha)IMG_1792Lately I’ve also been enjoying adding a bit of honey to top it off, it gives the bowl some sweetness.

IMG_1797& voila! Such a quick easy and delicious snack.

Do you have an easy quick snack you love? Whats your favorite fruit to mix with yogurt? Let me know!

Ashley Amelia 🙂


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