A Lazy Girl’s Meal


It has been a little over two years since I moved out of my parents home and the hardest thing to get used to was feeding myself. It was so easy living at home I never had to think about planning out multiple meals, buying food, and then cooking for myself. Honestly I’m still learning about what is the right amount of food to buy for just me and my husband, and what I like to cook for the two of us.

So I thought I’d share a few tips about shopping for 1-2 people, and one of my favorite things to buy for lunch/dinner.

  1. Buy things that when refrigerated will still taste good, otherwise you find yourself wasting a lot if you buy a large amount.
  2. Plan out your meals. This is so important because it makes grocery shopping and cooking a lot easier when everything is planned.
  3. Never go grocery shopping on a hungry stomach. This is the most important thing I’ve learned about grocery shopping, because when you shop on a hungry stomach you end up buying so much food and snacks that you will regret later.
  4. Find a store that sells smaller packed items. For me this is important because the regular grocery store sells many things in a family size which can lead to a lot of waste, and spending more money than you need to.

A grocery store I’ve found that is a great place to shop for a couple of people is Trader Joe’s. I’m not sure how big of a chain they are but I believe they’re all over California. This store is great because they sell individually wrapped food and meals and the prices aren’t bad at all. When it comes to feeding myself I can be a real lazy person sometimes and this store has saved me by having a lot of already put together meals, or meat packaged for the individual. In my house my husband is the cook and he loves to do it which works out for me as I’m not to big on cooking all the time. However when he’s not around I am forced to feed myself, and my laziness really kicks in and already made salads at Trader Joe’s are my go to.

This is the best salad at Trader Joe’s, which is an easy go to when I don’t know what to eat. IMG_1739When I first tried this I was turned off because Caesar salads are my favorite and this has a spicy taste to it. I gave it another shot and ever since I’ve been addicted! They also do it without chicken if you don’t eat meat.

Its so simple you just mix in the cheese, dressing, and croutons and voila! Dinner for one is done. IMG_1745IMG_1746IMG_1748IMG_1753IMG_1758Do you have a go to lazy meal?

Ashley Amelia πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “A Lazy Girl’s Meal

  1. Caesar salad is my favorite, I like that you blog about food. You have lovely pictures too! Thank you for following my blog! May I ask what drew you to it?


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