Dog Debate


Hey Hey Hey,

I thought for today’s post as I’m missing my family dog I would take the time to write a little about why she is so important to me. Firstly, her name is Pepper and she is a German shepherd and chow mix. She is the family dog, but it’s no secret that my mom is her favorite. Dogs really do become a part of your family and when they are hurt or sick it’s just as if a family member is suffering and all you want to do is ease their pain. They provide you with never ending friendship, and whenever I go home to visit my family I know she’ll be at the door waiting for me extremely excited. Even if I were to leave my parents house for a minute and come back in she has that same excitement.

Living on my own for the past two years, with my boyfriend who is now my husband, I’ve debated when it was the right time to get a dog of our very own and it definitely feels like the right time. I’ve thought over all the reasons to get a dog and to not get a dog, and I’m leaning towards getting a dog. I’ve already began my search at the SPCA and once I come across the dog I’m meant to have that my husband and I agree on will be very exciting. This almost seems like it will be the perfect training for having an actual child in the future. So looking to the future once I find the dog I’m meant to have I plan to share it with you all, and hopefully that will be in the near future.

Here is a couple more of my family dog Pepper310311Do you have a family dog? A dog of your very own? Or are you a cat person maybe?? Let me know!

Ashley 🙂


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