1st Time at Disneyland!

Hey all,

So this wasn’t my 1st time at Disneyland per say, but my first visit was only a one day-er years ago and my mom got sick which was a big bummer as well. So I’m going to consider this to be my first real visit. Growing up I was a massive Disney fan, and my favorite was The Lion King (which Disney had no where in the park which is lame). So lets just say I was very excited to be surrounded by all things magical and Disney. This also just so happened to be a destination my husband and I chose as part of our honeymoon, which made it all the more exciting. So first things first, as honeymooners we stopped by the town hall to get happily ever after buttons, the just married they said were being re-imagined so that was a bit of a bummer. Everything was decked out in fall/Halloween decorations which was amazing because the holiday season is my absolute favorite time of the year. It also is currently their Diamond 60th celebration. IMG_1057IMG_1094


Going in September was nice because it wasn’t too crowded and the maximum wait time for any ride was only ever 20 or 30 minutes. We dined in some of the parks restaurants like the Blue Bayou, which has amazing glow cubes you can buy with your drink which makes everything funner. The fireworks show and the parade had to be my favorite moments there. I snuggled up with my husband listening to the classic Disney songs and with a spectacular show to accompany them was just amazing. There is so much I can babble on about but rather than do that I’ll just include a few more photos.


Using my husband's Indiana Jones hat to shield me from the hot southern California sun
Using my husband’s Indiana Jones hat to shield me from the hot southern California sun



Ashley 🙂


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