Glossier Lovin’

Hello!! As it goes I’ve been dying to get my hands on some products from Glossier like every other person on the planet. So I made a late night purchase and eventually this showed up on my door step! Let’s talk packaging. When you open the package there’s a beautiful, and also reusable box that … More Glossier Lovin’

New York Lovin’

Hello there! About a month ago my husband and I visited family in Massachusetts for a wedding, and we took some extra time off to do some vacationing of our own while we were back east. However, New York was not in the plan. One of the things I love about my husband is his … More New York Lovin’

Self Body Lovin’

Hello there! Hope wherever this finds you that you’re having a great day. It’s finally fall! We all scream “YAYYYYYYYYY!!” For me, life seems so much better in the autumn/winter seasons. Everything smells good, life moves a bit slower, and everyone in general is a bit more cheery. A throwback photo from a trip to … More Self Body Lovin’

A Few Things to Love

Happy Friday!! After a difficult week I’m very happy that today is Friday and this week is now in the past. Now I’m looking forward onto happier day’s and so excited that its mid-July, because that means summer is about half way done and fall is coming!! && soon enough, winter is coming! Lol. I … More A Few Things to Love